A Cuban Bistro

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Welcome Friends

We would like to offer our gratitude to those of you who have been patronizing our little bistro here in wonderful Historic Norcross. Yanin and I can’t say enough how appreciative we are to have endured the past seven years here!  Without your patronage, we would have become another statistic.  Head chef Elsida Cortes (also know as mom) still comes in well before the sunrise to start cooking from scratch.  So long as God continues to bless our family, we will continue to work as hard as we can to ensure every meal in our little bistro is prepared as if you were a guest in our house.

The Infamous Bay Leaf Challenge: if you find the bay leaf in your black beans, Ropa Vieja (as well as other menu items) tell your server and claim your complimentary beverage!



Start your meal off right with one of our delicious, home-made appetizers.


Our Lodaded Mariquitas

Our healthier (and tastier) version of nachos.


The Classic

You're going to love our Cuban sandwiches.